AOK Nordost

Contribution, Benefits and Service

Anyone who lives or works in Berlin, Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania can join AOK Nordost. With 1,672,000 insured members, it is one of the largest health insurance companies in northern Germany. With a contribution rate of 17,300 percent, AOK Nordost is not one of the low-cost health insurance providers. Its contribution rate is well above the average. 

The strength of AOK Nordost is its proximity to its insured members. No other health insurance company maintains as many customer service centers in Berlin, Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Those who prefer to manage their health insurance affairs from home can use the online service portal "Meine AOK Nordost".

AOK Nordost
Behlertstr. 33A ( Rechtssitz)
14467 Potsdam

Number of insured: 1,672,400 (01.01.2024)
Membership possible in: Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Contribution rate: 17.30 %
Contribution rate for employees: 8.65 %


Number of branch offices: 64
Customer telephone: 0800 2650800 (24 Stunden an 7 Tagen)
Medical advice hotline: 0800 1 265 265
Employer hotline: 0800 2650800


Tel: 0800 2650800
Fax: 0800 2650900


Here you will find - in German - a detailed description of benefits and services provided by AOK Nordost that go beyond what is required by law.

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