Mobil Krankenkasse

Contribution, Benefits and Service

Mobil Krankenkasse tailors its range of services precisely to the needs of its policyholders. Experts regularly check whether the additional benefits still match the current demand. The promotion of health is the priority.

Mobil Krankenkasse
Friedenheimer Brücke 29
80639 München

Number of insured: 948,867 (01.01.2024)
Membership possible nationwide.

Contribution rate: 16.09 %
Contribution rate for employees: 8.04 %

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Number of branch offices: 4
Customer telephone: 0800 255 0800
Employer hotline: 0800 255 0800
For calls from abroad: 00 49 40/3 00 28 02


Tel: 0800 255 0800 (kostenfrei)
Fax: 0800 255 3002-888

E-mail complaints office:
Telephone complaints office: 0 800/25 53 00 28 30


Here you will find - in German - a detailed description of benefits and services provided by Mobil Krankenkasse that go beyond what is required by law.

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