DAK Gesundheit

Contribution, Benefits and Service

DAK Gesundheit is one of the largest statutory health insurance providers in Germany and with its extensive network of branch offices a customer service center is never far away. With respect to additional services, DAK sees itself as a health insurance fund for families, parents, and children.

DAK Gesundheit
Nagelsweg 27-31
20097 Hamburg

Number of insured: 5,499,297 (01.03.2024)
Membership possible nationwide.

Contribution rate: 16.30 %
Contribution rate for employees: 8.15 %

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Number of branch offices: 312
Customer telephone: 040 325325555 (24 Stunden, 365 Tage)
Employer hotline: 040 325325810

Website: http://www.dak.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DAKGesundheit/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dakgesundheit/

Email: service@dak.de
Tel: 040 - 325 325 555
Fax: 040 33470-123456

E-mail complaints office: service@dak.de
Telephone complaints office: 040 325325555


Here you will find - in German - a detailed description of benefits and services provided by DAK Gesundheit that go beyond what is required by law.

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