BKK ProVita

Contribution, Benefits and Service

The BKK ProVita is a health insurance fund that promotes healthy and sustainable living, with a special focus on vegetarian and vegan nutrition. It supports its members in transitioning to a plant-based diet and provides comprehensive information on healthy and sustainable living.

The BKK ProVita is also committed to environmental protection and implements sustainable business practices.

BKK ProVita
M√ľnchner Weg 5
85232 Bergkirchen

Number of insured: 122,923 (01.01.2024)
Membership possible nationwide.

Contribution rate: 16.09 %
Contribution rate for employees: 8.04 %

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Number of branch offices: 11
Customer telephone: 0800 6648808
Medical advice hotline: 0800 6648808
Employer hotline: 08131 61330310

Website: http://www.bkk-provita.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bkkprovita/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bkkprovita

Email: info@bkk-provita.de
Tel: 0800 6648808
Fax: 08131 6133-2290

E-mail complaints office: andreas.seidenberger@bkk-provita.de
Telephone complaints office: 0 81 31/61 33 20 10


Here you will find - in German - a detailed description of benefits and services provided by BKK ProVita that go beyond what is required by law.

To the profile of benefits and services in German