Preventive Care – These Health Insurance Providers Do More

Additional benefits from cancer screening to flu vaccination

From various cancer screening examinations to early detection of stroke risks to flu, tick, and travel vaccinations: When it comes to preventive care at the doctor's office, some health insurance providers offer more than others.

The health insurance companies with the most extensive benefits for preventive care can be found in the following table. Below the table, you will find a list of the benefits included in the evaluation

TOP 10 statutory health insurance funds for preventive care

Best health insurances for "Preventive care at the doctor"

The rankings are based on these criteria:
Click on the links to find detailed descriptions of each benefit (in German) and a list of the statutory health insurance funds that offer that benefit.

A detailed description of our evaluation process can be found here (in German). A description of the additional services provided by health insurance funds in the field of Preventive care can be found in our German-language website "" in the section Preventive care. There you can also find out which health insurance companies support the individual methods.

Supplementary benefits are subject to change at any time. Check with your statutory health insurance fund before claiming benefits. You can find the statutes of your statutory health insurance in the profiles of the statutory health insurance funds. This link leads to the list of 58 statutory health insurance companies participating in the comparison. A detailed description of our evaluation process can be found here (in German).