Expat Employees with Limited Stays

Employees with high income may take out private health insurance

Anyone who takes out private health insurance in Germany is typically required to build up "ageing reserves" in addition to the payment of health insurance premiums. These savings ensure that contributions remain low in their old age. This does not make sense for expats with only a limited stay in Germany. They should take out health insurance policies (called tariffs in Germany) that do not require ageing reserves.

Expats and all privately insured persons on limited visas need health insurance with a high level of benefits that do not require them to build up ageing reserves. These are hard to find and only available to people on limited stays from outside the EU. Everyone else has to look for suitable health insurance that includes paying into ageing reserves.

Hallesche Krankenversicherung has developed the "Hi.Germany" tariff especially for the target group of "highly qualified employees and self-employed persons". To enter into the contract, it is sufficient if a temporary residence permit has been applied for or will be applied for. Hi.Germany is specially tailored to the needs of expats:

  • Fulfillment of all criteria for health insurance in Germany for the granting of visas or temporary residence permits
  • low premiums with a high standard of benefits
  • no wait periods
  • monthly right of cancellation
  • no minimum contract period
  • eligibility for employer subsidies
  • option to convert to a tariff with ageing reserves

Hallesche Krankenversicherung is one of the high-performance providers in Germany's private health insurance market. It regularly achieves excellent results in market comparisons and tests conducted by consumer-oriented media.

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Taking out private health insurance is an important decision. That is why the legislator prescribes a consultation process. Here you can request a quote for taking out a comprehensive health insurance policy. You can request a quote for a private health insurance of the HALLESCHE Krankenversicherung here.

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Please bear in mind that changing from private health insurance to statutory health insurance is no longer possible after reaching the age of 55.

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