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Compulsory health insurance, even when looking for work

Foreigners looking for work in Germany must have health insurance. EU citizens can use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and receive free treatment of acute diseases in Germany. Those who do not come from an EU country must take out private health insurance. Guest insurance is also recommended for all EU citizens.

EU citizens looking for work
Medical treatment with the EHIC is however limited to emergency care. Foreseeable treatments – for example, the birth of a child – should be carried out in the home country. Because of these restrictions, the demand for additional health insurance in Germany becomes more relevant during more extended stays.

EU citizens looking for a job in Germany can extend the entitlement to benefits offered by their EHIC if they are living here. They remain with their old health insurance provider but receive all the benefits provided by the German health care system. The prerequisite is that they present a special European form. For health insurance, the EU S1 form is required. The form is to be filled out by the office of your health insurance fund in your home country.

Statutory health insurance does not cover all medical expenses during a stay abroad within the EU. For example, repatriation in the case of serious illness is not included. Therefore, it is always advisable to take out guest insurance. This type of insurance is very inexpensive.

Guest insurance for limited stays

Here you can calculate the cost of travel protection for foreign guests and apply directly for guest insurance. The process takes place online at HanseMerkur Krankenversichrung. You will receive an immediate confirmation.

Apply for guest insurance

Non-EU citizens looking for work
In Germany, health insurance is obligatory, and this also applies to foreigners looking for work. Persons not from the EU or the EEA must first take out private health insurance in Germany. The best insurances for this are those for limited stays which also fulfill all the conditions for the issuance of a visa or residence permit.