Health Insurance for Self-Employed Persons in Germany

Self-employed persons must also have insurance

When foreigners come to Germany and work here as self-employed persons, they usually have to take out private health insurance. Those who were previously statutorily insured in an EU country can also choose statutory health insurance in Germany.

Private health insurance
In Germany, self-employed persons usually have private health insurance. Private health insurance is specific to the individual. Premiums are calculated according to personal health risks and, above all, according to the insured person's age.

Here are the price ranges for private health insurance based on the monthly premium of a healthy 35-year-old:

  • Basic: Good benefits - Low premiums: 350 to 550 euros.
  • Comfort: Very good benefits - Affordable: 450 to 700 euros
  • Premium: Best benefits -Fair price: 550 to 900 euros

Before private health insurance begins, the prospective customer must usually be examined by a doctor. The premium is often very reasonable for young people if they are healthy. Interesting note for foreigners: Private health insurance almost always applies EU-wide and often worldwide – at least for a limited time.

Expats who are only staying in Germany for a limited time and have or have applied for a temporary residence permit can take out remarkably inexpensive but high-quality expat health insurance.

Those who stay longer need private comprehensive health insurance. A consultation with an insurance specialist is mandatory before taking out such a policy. You can request an consultation here.

Statutory health insurance
With statutory health insurance, contributions are not based on the individual’s risk of illness but on income. The contribution rate is between 15 and 17 percent of your income, and varies between statutory health insurance funds. For self-employed persons, contributions ranges between the minimum and maximum contributions prescribed for statutorily insured self-employed persons, depending on the actual income.

A significant advantage of statutory health insurance is that family members without their own income are covered for free. This also applies to family members of EU citizens and other foreigners with German statutory health insurance.

However, not every EU citizen who is self-employed in Germany can choose to join a statutory health insurance fund. It depends on their previous insurance. Only those who had statutory health insurance abroad can take out statutory health insurance in Germany.