ARAG Krankenversicherung

Automatic free legal cover for patients

The ARAG Group is the largest family-owned company in the German insurance industry and one of the world's three leading providers of legal protection insurance. ARAG Krankenversicherung is a solidly positioned private health insurer.

  • Adjustable premium: deductible can be changed at any time
  • Refund of premiums if insurance is not used
  • Family-friendly: no premiums if you receive child benefit
  • Invoices are paid directly to doctors and hospitals

Private comprehensive health insurance
If you are interested in private health insurance from ARAG-Krankenversicherung, you can choose between the "KomfortKlasse", "MedExtra" and "MedBest" tariffs. It is possible to switch between the plans after five years. Premiums can be adjusted at any time by changing the deductible.

After five years, policyholders can move from the Comfort Plan to a higher plan and secure maximum health protection - without a new medical examination or waiting period. With the FlexiPro optional tariff, policyholders can switch flexibly to all tariff combinations on 1 January of each year and for a maximum of ten years after the start of the insurance - again without a new medical examination and taking into account the previous insurance period. In the ARAG Junior Plan, all children living in the household are insured without a health check.

ARAG Krankenversicherung also wants to make billing easier for its policyholders. Invoices are paid directly to doctors and hospitals. This is convenient and saves time. With the ARAG Card, hospitals invoice general hospital services and accommodation costs directly.

If you stay healthy, you get money back. ARAG health insurance policyholders can expect a refund of up to three months' premiums if they do not submit bills. Policyholders who value a second medical opinion can take advantage of ARAG's TeleClinic. More than 100 physicians from various specialties are available for consultation.

The private health insurance automatically includes a powerful patient legal protection at no additional premium. This enables insured persons to assert their rights as patients if they are treated incorrectly or given inadequate information by doctors, psychotherapists, pharmacists, hospital staff or nursing services. ARAG pays the legal fees and court costs in all instances - up to one million euros per legal protection case.

Address and contact

ARAG Krankenversicherung
Postfach 820173, 81801 München
Hollerithstraße 11
81829 München

Telephone head office: 089 4124-9566
Customer telephone: 021198700700

Fax: 08941242525

Balance sheet key figures 2022

Type of company: Aktiengesellschaft (AG)
Insured persons (comprehensive and supplementary): 720.846
Gross premiums earned (in thousands of euros): 545.018 €
Investments (in thousands of euros): 2.822.298 €
Current interest: 2 %
Acquisition costs: 17 %
Administrative expenses: 2 %