ERGO Direkt Krankenversicherung

From eye insurance to dental insurance: specialist for supplementary insurance cover

From eye insurance to dental supplements, ERGO specializes in supplementary insurance coverage. ERGO Direkt Krankenversicherung wants to use digitalization to provide its customers with a better service. Examples are various apps, including a dental app for adults and an app to help children brush their teeth properly. Billing can also be done unbureaucratically via the app. 

  • Specialized in supplementary insurance
  • Successful in digitalization
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Excellent international travel insurance

Supplementary dental insurance
With supplementary dental insurance, customers can flexibly add individual benefits according to their ideas and needs. The range includes dental replacement, tooth preservation and treatment as a private patient at the dentist.

Eye insurance
ERGO Direkt Krankenversicherung's eye insurance is available in two eye insurance plans. With the basic plan, policyholders receive monthly subsidies for visual aids and ophthalmological examinations. Laser operations are also subsidized.

Anyone who has to go to the hospital due to an eye condition receives a daily allowance. The Apollo-Optik discount provides additional discounts for preventive eye examinations and visual aids purchased in Apollo-Optik branches.

Travel health insurance
ERGO's travel health insurance offers comprehensive cover for trips and long-term stays abroad. The various tariffs and additional benefits make it possible to adapt the insurance cover to individual needs.

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ERGO Direkt long-term care insurance
ERGO Direkt health insurance offers long-term care without prior health questions, so there is a five-year waiting period, which does not apply if the insured person needs care due to an accident.

Address and contact

ERGO Direkt Krankenversicherung
Karl-Martell-Straße 60
90344 Nürnberg

Customer telephone: 0800 999 4410
For calls from abroad: +49 911 9233 0895

Fax: 0800701 1111

Balance sheet key figures 2022

Type of company: AG
Insured persons (comprehensive and supplementary): 1.811.264
Gross premiums earned (in thousands of euros): 660.274 €
Investments (in thousands of euros): 850.742 €
Current interest: 2 %
Acquisition costs: 20 %
Administrative expenses: 3 %