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Private health insurance: high reimbursement of premiums possible

Signal Iduna Krankenversicherung offers a wide range of comprehensive health insurance plans. The option to switch between tariffs means that your health insurance can be adapted to your life situation.

Wide range of private health insurance plans

Signal Iduna Krankenversicherung is characterized by its wide range of private health insurance plans (called tariffs in Germany), from the basic tariff Start to the Komfort tariff and the Exklusiv tariff with extra services such as laser eye surgery and high reimbursement of premiums. Depending on the tariff, Signal Iduna's private health insurance for self-employed persons includes benefits such as naturopath treatments, vision aids, hospital accommodation in one- or two-bed rooms, and treatment by a chief physician.

Signal Iduna health insurance: Take out insurance policy

Before taking out private health insurance, a cost-benefit analysis is essential as well as comprehensive advise from an health insurance specialist is required by law. Here you can request a comparison, consultation, and quote free of charge and obligation-free.

Signal Iduna: Request a quote

Supplementary insurances for people with statutory health insurance

Signal Iduna offers supplementary health insurances in the form of dental, hospital, and travel insurance. Those who want to be treated at the doctor’s practice as private patients can also take out insurance with Signal Iduna. Three health insurance tariffs for travel abroad are also available from Signal Iduna Krankenversicherung.

Address and contact

Signal Krankenversicherung
Joseph-Scherer-Str. 3
44139 Dortmund

Customer telephone: 0231 135-7991

Fax: 0231 135-4638

Balance sheet key figures 2022

Type of company: Versicherungsverein auf Gegenseitigkeit
Insured persons (comprehensive and supplementary): 2.483.048
Gross premiums earned (in thousands of euros): 3.195.338 €
Investments (in thousands of euros): 27.605.400 €
Current interest: 3 %
Acquisition costs: 6 %
Administrative expenses: 2 %