AXA Krankenversicherung

One of the largest health insurers in germany

A large private health insurance company offering different levels of health insurance plans, AXA Krankenversicherung AG is part of the AXA Group and insures over 1.5 million people. It offers both comprehensive health insurance and supplementary health insurance. In 2020, AXA Krankenversicherung ranked number 4 in the German private health insurance market with an income from premiums of around 3.5 billion euros.

Three private health insurance plans to choose from

AXA Krankenversicherung policyholders can choose between the standard health insurance plan  “El Bonus”, the comfort health insurance plan "ActiveMe" and the premium health insurance plan "Vital900". Changing your health insurance plan is possible without a new health check in certain circumstances, for example, upon getting married and with the birth of a child. Which AXA private health insurance plan is most suitable for you depends on various factors – for example, which benefits are particularly important to you and what the costs will look like. A consultation is therefore indispensable before taking out any policy.

An unique feature of AXA Krankenversicherung is the payment of bonus benefits and the reimbursement of premiums if the insured person takes care of their health. For example, there are bonus payments for non-smokers and winners of specific “sports badges”. There are also discounts for fitness studios, personal trainers, and specific health and wellness providers for AXA health insurance policyholders. If no claims are made for a certain period, a portion of the premiums is reimbursed. AXA Krankenversicherung pays for statutory preventive checkups and vaccinations for all insured persons, regardless of age.

One of the services offered by AXA Krankenversicherung is the health program "Health Service 360°", which is available free of charge to all insured persons. It includes a 24h medical hotline, offers for preventive healthcare on the topics of exercise and nutrition, and support for chronically and seriously ill patients.

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Before taking out private health insurance, a cost-benefit analysis is essential as well as comprehensive advise from an health insurance specialist is required by law. Here you can request a comparison, consultation, and quote free of charge and obligation-free.

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Health insurance for civil servants

DBV Deutsche Beamtenversicherung is the public sector specialist within the AXA Group and offers civil servants and employees in the public sector tailored packages of products, services, advice, and support.

AXA private health insurance for civil servants

Receive information and a consultation about the special health insurance plans for civil servants. Here you can request a comparison, consultation, and quote free of charge and obligation-free.

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Address and contact

AXA Krankenversicherung
50592 Köln
Colonia-Allee 10-20
51067 Köln

Telephone head office: 0800 3203205
Customer telephone: 0221 148-41002
For calls from abroad: 0221 148-36515

Fax: 0221 148-41914

Balance sheet key figures 2022

Type of company: AG
Insured persons (comprehensive and supplementary): 1.725.293
Gross premiums earned (in thousands of euros): 3.707.997 €
Investments (in thousands of euros): 24.598.353 €
Current interest: 3 %
Acquisition costs: 6 %
Administrative expenses: 2 %