Statutory Health Insurance Funds with the Best Service

Top 10 health insurance funds for service

The expectations of insured persons vary when it comes to service. Some prefer personal contact at a branch office or at home, while others prefer to manage their health insurance matters online or via an app.

For those with children, medical advice is also essential on weekends. Those who often travel abroad value the possibility of video consultations. Telemedical consultations are especially in demand in pandemic times. Support in arranging specialist appointments and finding recommendations is of great help when searching for suitable doctors.

Here you can find a list of the 10 health insurance companies with the best service. Below the table, you can find a list of the services that were included in the evaluation.

Best health insurances for "Service"

These criteria are the basis of the ranking:Click on the links to find detailed descriptions of each service (in German) and a list of the statutory health insurance funds that offer that service.

A detailed description of our evaluation process can be found here (in German). You will find a detailed description of the additional services provided by health insurance funds in the field of services on our German-language website "" in the section Service

Supplementary benefits are subject to change at any time. Check with your statutory health insurance fund before claiming benefits. You can find the statutes of your statutory health insurance in the profiles of the statutory health insurance funds. This link leads to the list of 58 statutory health insurance companies participating in the comparison. A detailed description of our evaluation process can be found here (in German).