Household Assistance and At-Home Nursing Care

Most of the costs are covered by statutory health insurance

A doctor can prescribe household assistance and at-home nursing care. Most of the costs are covered by statutory health insurance, with the insured person paying 10 percent. The duration of the benefits is usually limited to four weeks.

Household assistance
Insured persons are entitled to household assistance if a child is living in the household who is under the age of 12 or who is disabled and dependent on assistance, and the insured person cannot continue looking after the household because they are hospitalized, in a rehabilitation clinic, or receiving at-home nursing care.

All insured persons receive at-home nursing care in addition to medical treatment if

  • the insured person is recovering from a hospital stay, 
  • an outpatient operation or outpatient hospital treatment has been performed, or
  • a hospital stay can be avoided or shortened.

For each day household assistance is used, the insured person pays 10 percent of the daily cost, with a minimum of 5 euros and a maximum of 10 euros per day. No co-payments are due for necessary household assistance during pregnancy or after birth. The legal entitlement is for up to four weeks. Statutory health insurance companies can voluntarily extend this period.

At-home nursing care
A doctor can prescribe at-home nursing care if no one in the household can provide the necessary care. Basic nursing care includes help with personal hygiene or eating. Assistance with the household includes preparing meals, shopping, and cleaning the home. Treatment care includes changing bandages and dressing wounds.

At least one of the following conditions must be present to qualify for at-home nursing care:

  • Hospital treatment is necessary, but admission is not possible
  • At-home nursing care avoids or shortens hospital treatment
  • At-home nursing care is necessary to achieve the goal of medical treatment
  • There is a need for up to four weeks of at-home nursing care due to a severe illness

The medical assistance should seek to cure the illness, alleviate discomfort, or prevent a worsening of the condition. The doctor issues a corresponding prescription. The co-payment is 10 euros per prescription plus 10 percent of the actual cost.