Health Insurance Contributions for Employees

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Anyone who gets a job and earns between 520.00 and 5775.00 euros per month must join a statutory health insurance fund. The employee chooses a health insurance fund and applies for membership. Employees and employers share the contributions to statutory health insurance. 

The employer calculates the health insurance contribution, deducts half from the salary, and forwards the entire contribution to the health insurance fund. For example, if the health insurance company calculates a contribution rate of 15.6 percent, the employee pays 7.8 percent of their gross salary and the employer pays the other half.

The health insurance contribution is calculated as a percentage of the gross salary. Thus, the amount of the health insurance contribution depends on the salary. Those who earn more pay more, those who earn less pay less. Christmas bonuses and vacation pay are included in the calculation of health insurance contributions. The health insurance benefits are the same for all insured persons.

A maximum contribution applies to employees. Salaries are capped at 4987.50 euros per month for calculating health insurance contributions. Above this income threshold, employee and employer contributions do not increase any further. The following table shows the employee's share of the total contribution.

(available nationwide)